Professional Quality Management Services

Professional Quality Management Services

PQMS has been established by seasoned professionals with a background and rich experience in Training and Assessment and all their related and requisite activities. The promoters of the company are staunch believers and executors of fair and professional business and very high ethical values. They have experience in establishment of network across India, Training the Trainers and Assessors, Enrollment Process, developing study material and its volumetric logistics, online learning management system, digital content, ERP solution, Technology based examination system with 100% security, automated result declaration system, call center etc. PQMS has been closely associated for over 12 years with a reputed State Technical University and have efficiently executed all the above tasks with the University. PQMS understands the needs and psychology of assessors, subject matter experts, examination centers, students etc and have maintained a balance between their expectations, secrecy and confidentiality, fair and ethical practices and customer support service.


28 April 2017


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