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We at CROCOL go above and above to offer top-notch services that give companies a competitive edge. With our innovative ideas, unparalleled expertise, commitment, and dedication to giving our customers experiences they have never had before. Our wide range of services, which are all offered at competitive costs around the world, includes School ERP Solutions, GST Software, website creation, SEO and Digital Marketing. As the top school ERP solution provider we guarantee quick, independent, and effortless procedures in all school related verticles. We cater to people from different sectors by offering GST Software apps in India at a reasonable price. We don't just make empty promises; instead, our devoted team constantly produces excellent work that surpasses expectations. We have satisfied over 1500 clients who have benefited from our expertise over the past 7 years.


With more than 15 years of expertise in the web development and software development fields, he founded CROCOL to meet the various needs of enterprises. He has established CROCOL as a focal point for all-encompassing digital solutions, including School ERP Software, GST Software, web development and design, and digital marketing. He actively participates in business planning, project meetings, and customer interactions on behalf of a diverse clientele to ensure the provision of top-notch services.

Our Vision: To deliver world class digital solution online.

Our Mission: To grow organization and deliver outstanding quality in optimal time and cost.

Our Values:-

– Always treat clients with respect – just as we would like others to treat us.
– Understand our clients’ problems and provide them with a solution that suits their needs.
– Not to use sales gimmicks even if it means losing important projects.
There are Various reasons to Join us for Development.Some of them are mentioned below :
  • Website Design : We  provide you with exceptional, innovative and high quality custom website designs at affordable prices. Our expertise can play an instrumental role in helping you derive maximum benefit from your site as it will be easy to navigate and the usability of the site will definitely rank high.
  • E-Commerce Website : We can enable your small scale business to grow by providing you with affordable customized ecommerce web design solutions. Our professionally designed online stores are result oriented in terms of sale conversion rates. With our expertise in this area we can set up a merchant account to accept credit cards, simplify the ordering process and manage your customer support effectively thereby easily streamlining your online store.
  • Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : Our Online Marketing and SEO services focus on ensuring that your website necessarily ranks as great as it looks. We help in optimizing the already existent pages for optimal positioning by all search engines.
  • Web Programming & Mobile Apps (Android, iOS,Windows) :We provide apps development across all the industry verticals. We take extreme care to design the apps with best user interface that allows the users to access the contents intuitively. You will find our apps development highly inventive and creative with best logics and design. All our games can make you addictive. Our mobile application development will be worthwhile for your investment providing the maximum ROI.
  • GPS Tracking System : We provide GPS Tracking system for vehicle with web and mobile app, so that user can track vehicle in real time. Our hardware is dust and water proof. You can generate customised report at any point of time. In School's we provide parents login so that parents can monitor speed of bus and there kids in real time.
  • ERP Solution: We provide school management system to school, so that school can manage task easily. We provide Parents login, Students login, Teacher Login, Accountant login, Librarian login, Admin login to have complete control over data with internal and external messaging system facility. Our Software simply make management work easy.


We add life to web design. Our designers create out-of-the-box web designs that would increase the conversion rate of your website.


We are responsible for responsiveness ie, mobile, tab and desktop/ pc friendly design to maximize usability and user experience.


We have the team of digital marketers who have a profound knowledge of the digital marketing and promotion.


Our School ERP make School go paperless, we provide all the school activities on a single platform.


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